Stop Blaming Drug Users for America’s “Opioid Epidemic” & Newest “National Emergency”

The news today is that Donald Trump has officially decided to declare the countries “opioid epidemic” as a “National Health Emergency.” Under such a declaration, state and Federal agencies will be the recipients of more funding and resources in order to combat the problem. However, as I will attempt to point out, until our leaders learn and understand a fundamental truth regarding this whole situation, all of this money and effort will continue to be spent in vain.

Before getting into that, Donald Trump is not alone, last year in 2016 Barack Obama also proposed a 1.1 billion dollar national initiative of his own, aimed at curbing the opioid crisis currently gripping the country. At the time, Obama sought to increase funding to pharmaceutical companies so that they could develop new prescriptions that would counter act the symptoms of addiction caused by the prescription drugs those same companies produce. Unlike Obama, Trumps policy will likely provide greater funding to various law enforcement agencies to crack down on drug offenders.


 Why has the War on Drugs failed, why did Obama fail and why will Trump now also fail?

The problem is that America’s “Drug War” only targets the poorest people in society, meaning that federal agencies only arrest and obsess over drug consumers, not the people actually responsible for proliferating all of these drugs into society in the first place. We are quite literally talking about “prescription drugs” here – again, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – these are “drugs” that are “legally” produced, sold and distributed. When we have a crisis resulting from legal prescription drugs, we quite literally have a National Emergency resulting from the pharmaceutical companies that produce these drugs, the doctors that prescribe them and the pharmacies that distribute them.

However, when was the last time you heard of a pharmaceutical executive or doctor or pharmacist ever being arrested? Never! How often do you hear about some single mother or unemployed father or some bum on welfare down the street getting arrested? Every F*cking day! That is exactly my point and why our countries opioid epidemic keeps getting worse and will only continue to get worse!

The “legal drug trade” around the world made 980 billion dollars in the calendar year 2015 alone and while the police continue to incarcerate more and more drug consumers every day, the doctors and pharmaceutical companies which manufacture, prescribe and distribute these drugs throughout society keep making more and more money. Then people actually wonder why the drug problem keeps getting worse? It is because drug users themselves are the very end or bottom of a much larger food chain, the real criminals wear suits and ties and sit behind desks and live in mansions.

All of these people overdosing or whom you hear about going to prison on your local nightly news are all just sad, depressed, impoverished people whom all hate their lives and are trying to do anything to escape their misery/reality. Arresting these people solves nothing, they eventually get out of prison and our Justice system will have only succeeded in ruining any chances they had at a prosperous future, while most likely destroying that persons family in the process – making all of our communities worse off in the long run.

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Arrest all the poor and miserable people you want, you are never going to solve this nations drug problem or stop these drugs from finding their way into our communities by doing so. This is also why, in regards to the opioid crisis, despite the fact that drug related arrests all around the country continue to skyrocket, the nations opioid epidemic keeps getting worse and worse. Do you actually think that increasing federal funding to arrest more poor people is going to accomplish anything different?

Before anything changes or starts to improve, a lot of rich and affluent people living perfect lives are going to have to start being incarcerated. Until society starts to understand these facts, the drug problem will only continue to get worse, just as we continue to witness!