Author: Brian Dunn

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US Cyber Command Becomes Newest Branch of US Military

On Friday morning, Donald Trump announced that he would be elevating US Cyber Command to report directly to the US Secretary of Defense, effectively making the agency the newest branch of the US military. The US now joins other countries and organizations such as Germany, Russia and NATO, whom have all previously established military cyber commands structures of their own over the course of the last year.

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Analysis: Steve Bannon’s “Resignation” & What It Means for The White House

Earlier today Donald Trump’s Chief White House Strategist, Steve Bannon, formally resigned from office. In this article I will attempt to explain why many of Trumps failures to date can be directly traced to Steve Bannon’s guidance and why his “firing” today might have been the best move that Trump has made as President to date, even if Trump only became President because of Bannon in the first place.

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4 Years Since The Rabaa Massacre, No One Has Been Held Accountable

4 years to the day, not a single Government official has been held accountable for their role in the Rabaa Massacre of 2013, during which Government forces led by President al-Sisi, whom had assumed control of the country through military coup 2 weeks earlier, literally slaughtered over 1,000 protestors in the streets of Cairo for opposing his rule. In the years to follow, as many as 1,700 people have been “disappeared” by Sisi’s regime, hundreds more have been incarcerated and journalists whom report on these events continue to be imprisoned without trial.

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Stop Blaming Drug Users for America’s “Opioid Epidemic” & Newest “National Emergency”

This week Donald Trump declared that America’s “opioid Epidemic” is now officially a “National Emergency.” However, dont blame the poor drug user down the street for all of this, they are only the bottom of a much larger food chain. The real problem is being caused by pharmaceutical companies, doctors and pharmacists whom all “legally” produce, sell and distribute all of these “drugs” into society in the first place!

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Who Needs Encryption Rights?

While political Oligarchs and spoiled/clueless members of Western society take the freedom of expression and the ability to peaceably assemble for granted, people all over the world are killed for these same ideals every single day. Who needs encryption rights? All the people and freedom fighters around the world that live in fear of their Governments.

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Hackers Crack Several US Voting Machines, Gain Full Remote Access in About 90 Minutes

This past weekend, 5 different voting machines used in the 2016 election were brought to the the DEFCON computer conference in Las Vegas in order to see what type of damage hackers could do to these systems. According to reports, 4 of the 5 voting machine types were fully corrupted within just 3 and a half hours of the start of the event, some were hacked in as little as an hour and a half.