Hacking News

CCleaner Hacked

Considering that I have publicly supported and advised people to use CCleaner in the past, I would take a moment to address the hacking of CCleaner last month and what the incident means for the programs users.

WARNING: New Phishing Scam Uncovered Targeting WordPress Owners

Yesterday, The Daily Proletariat confirmed a new phishing scheme targeting small businesses and WordPress owners . Posing as recruiters for the hit television show “Shark Tank,” the scammers attempt to tell website owners that they are being recruited as future contestants and ask them to click on a trap link and fill out an application of personal information

Analysis: Wikileaks Gets Hacked

Hours before releasing one of the CIA’s latest hacking tools online, Wikileaks was hacked by a group of international hackers known as “OurMine.” In a message left behind for all the world to see, OurMine proceeded to criticize Wikileaks security practices and used the platform to publicly call out Anonymous, whom has previously targeted the group with multiple operations over recent years.

DHS Investigation: US Is Vulnerable To A “9/11-level Cyber Attack” If Immediate Steps Aren’t Taken

Earlier this year I submitted a report to the United States Department of Defense outlining a number of recommendations to consider after a Presidential Executive Order regarding a new cyber security initiative was leaked to the public. Here is a follow up to that report, along with the official list of recommendations released by the Department of Homeland Security now that the initiative has concluded.

Wikileaks Release Exposes Multiple Felonies Across Various US Federal Agencies

On August 1st the FBI concluded a 13 month long court case, allowing the agency to shield its biometric data collection program under National Security. Then, this past Thursday, Wikileaks released a CIA hacking tool entitled “Express Lane,” which allowed the CIA to secretly hack various government agencies, including the FBI, specifically to obtain the biometric data these agencies collected on US citizens. How many laws were broken here and what is the history behind these events?

Hackers Crack Several US Voting Machines, Gain Full Remote Access in About 90 Minutes

This past weekend, 5 different voting machines used in the 2016 election were brought to the the DEFCON computer conference in Las Vegas in order to see what type of damage hackers could do to these systems. According to reports, 4 of the 5 voting machine types were fully corrupted within just 3 and a half hours of the start of the event, some were hacked in as little as an hour and a half.

Popular DDoS Tools Posing a Duel Threat To Internet Users

International security researches came out with a warning about some of the internets most popularly used DDoS programs this week. Not necessarily concerned about the damage using these programs can cause for other people, but because so many of the people whom had started to download them were getting hacked themselves.

US Government Bans Kapersky Anti-Virus for Federal Use

Despite warming relations with Donald Trump, it appears as though Russia and the US are headed towards a digital Cold War. A few months after Russia banned American based tech company Microsoft from Government use, the United States has banned Russian based security company Kapersky from federal use all the same.