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FBI Playing Politics With Your Cyber Security

The US Government appears to going out of its way to lobby American companies to stop using Kapersky Lab products to secure their businesses in the future. Is there really an imminent threat associated with their products, or is the US Government’s actions merely more politically motivated – de facto – sanction against Russian businesses?

Who Needs Encryption Rights?

While political Oligarchs and spoiled/clueless members of Western society take the freedom of expression and the ability to peaceably assemble for granted, people all over the world are killed for these same ideals every single day. Who needs encryption rights? All the people and freedom fighters around the world that live in fear of their Governments.

Apple Pulls VPN Apps from China

Another day and more internet freedoms have been stripped away from the people of China. This past weekend, Apple made international headlines after the company pulled all its VPN services from their App store in China.

Microsoft To Kill Paint In Latest Update

Say it aint so! In a press release this past Monday, Microsoft announced it has added the Paint program to its “deprecated” list, meaning that the company plans on cancelling the program in future updates. Considering that Paint has been a staple on Microsoft systems dating back to 1985, it marks an end of an Era – R.I.P.

China Requires Muslims To Install SpyWare On Their Phones

In Urumqi, China, an area of the country with a sizeable Muslim population, authorities have set up various check points around the city to ensure that residents have downloaded a Government sponsored application on their phones, or install it for them if they have not. Police warn that anyone whom refuses to comply and install the SpyWare on their phones will be imprisoned for up to 10 days.

If Swearing Makes You “Smarter,” Then The Deep Web Makes You “Wiser”

A recent study has found a link between swearing and higher intelligence, but can we make a similar connection between intelligence and browsing habits? In this Op-Ed, I will attempt to explain why swearing does not make you any smarter or intelligent, but learning about issues and events that are hard to talk about does build character, strengthens your convictions and builds intellectual awareness.